Saturday, July 08, 2006


My website went live June 20, 2006 and I still have on going site building. It has paypal so if you decide to buy something on it you can pay by credit card. It has some great resources if you have questions and it has products for things other than dolls. You can get small things for making a display of dolls look great. There are extras that go along with dolls and teddy bears to help with your collection. We are working on it daily so put us on your favorites list and come back to see what we offer at different times. We sell collectors items from Dolls, Teddy Bears, Dolls extras like wagons, strollers, buggies, chairs and a host of other things. We will be starting to take names for those interested in selling old dolls, teddy bears, and other items that you want to find a new home for. We want old doll parts, broken dolls, doll and teddy bear donations and old doll clothes. If you have some old attic or basement dolls or parts and are going to give them to the good will or through them away we are interested. In you want just leave us something in the comments on this blog. You can send us a picture if you have a digital camara or just send us an email of what you have. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and stop back again. The title above will take you to please stop by and look.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dolls Growing In Popularity

What makes the growing popularity of the artist doll and what makes collectors grab them up for collections of the future. There is a trend toward the baby type dolls, the Lee Middleton doll is very attractive to a lot of collectors today. They are almost life like and want someone to cuddle them which make them even more desirable. I know I can’t resist picking one of them up when I see some collector’s display.

The dolls by Lee Middleton are relatively expensive for the little sweeties. I guess if you look at the work that goes into them and the quality your getting, one can see what creates the cost factor. Some say the Gotz dolls by Joke Grobben are very expensive, but when I look at a wide range of dolls from the new to used, I see they compare very close. They both put great workmanship and quality in their dolls. The big difference is that Gotz dolls have been known to make limited quantities or maybe one of a kind.

If you want to get something in a baby doll that is a little more affordable you could try the Adora line of dolls. They have wonderful features and some great outfits to go along with the dolls. That makes it great for children to dress their doll and change them when they like. There are of course some of the Adora line that is expensive.

The above is a picture of my wife's doll by Lee Middleton doll. It is called Cherish and I know why, because my wife does cherish all of the dolls she has in her own collection and would not think of selling them. I am sure with my collection I might find a price for what you might want. Everyone feels differently about the things that are important to them.

Take time with your children and start them a collection so you can find mutual things to talk about that interest both of you. Remember I reaised 9 children and I know how important it is to find something to talk to each child about.
Have a great Bob

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Still Working On My Site

Sorry it is taking me so long to get my site up and running. There is a lot to creating a website as I have learned. I am going forward and hope to have something to start with in a short while. In the mean time I just picked up a lovely doll and want to show. So everyone can enjoy the things I like. I am an artist doll lover and will try to encourage other people to work on collections of artist dolls. The main thing is to start collecting what ever your choice of dolls.

This is a Franklin Heirloom Bride Doll and She has been kept in the box except to photograph. I think she is very pretty and very well kept. She was purchased in the 1990's by another lady that I got her from. If you have any dolls you want to show let me know in the comments section on this Blog.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let's Say Thanks To All Of The Wonderful Doll Makers And Artists

I think an absolute thanks is the best we can do for all of the wonderful people in the industry of doll making and creation. These folks that come up with new ideas and creations for a new doll are amazing. How do they keep coming up with something new? We all have a desire for that new doll that fits what we are looking for and they seem to be able to satisfy our dreams. Here is a quick list of just a few I would like to personally thank, even if they all are not around to get it.
Annette Himstedt
R. John Wright
The Doll Maker
Susan Krey
Lee Midleton
Kender dolls
Joke Grobben
Bunnies by Bay
Little Soul Dolls
Ashton Drake
Paul Crees and Peter Coe
Linda Mason
Danbury Mint
Jan McLean
Franklin Mint

These are some special folks to me and I think all of us. There are more thanks to come in a later blog. These are the ones that I have become most familiar with. I am learning more about antique dolls from two people I trust that have collected dolls setting next to celebrities. I might mention these two people in a future artical.
They are getting up in years and have some wonderful insights on what I am doing with this Blog. Thanks again to all mentioned above and have a great day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Old Dolls In New Condition

Taking care of your dolls is very important when they cost hundreds of dollars. The care of a doll is not technical and that is where teaching a child responsibility comes in. If you are a person just starting out to collect dolls, you will want to consider care of dolls as one of the major contributors to it's value in the future.
Anastasia by British artists Paul Crees and Peter Coe, theater is evident in most of their creations. They have been known for creating some of the worlds most beloved dolls. There
work has been collected by some of the world's most rich and famous people. They of course have won awards for their work including the prestigious Jumeau Award.
This doll was purchased in August of 1998 and has been out of the box to take pictures only. She has a copy of the invoice with her when purchased and she sold for over $200.00 with shipping. That makes a person think about how much she will be worth in 20 years when your childred are going to start college. As you can see this doll is almost 8 years old and is in like new condition. She is a treasure. If you look, these treasures are out there and are a great place to start collecting. Like I said the popularity of artist dolls is growing.
Just a couple of quick tips about care. Never use soap on your dolls unless you have contacted a professional doll care person. and unless necessary never wash clothing.
Have a good day Bob

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Blue Book

Dolls have a Blue Book too. I think at this point it is the 16th edition Blue Book by Jan Foulke and if you have ever traded for a car you have heard the expression Blue Book. That is the value of a car if your looking to trade yours. Well there is also a blue book for dolls that tells you the approximate value of dolls. If you are looking for more than the ordinary, you will need to look in the Blue Book to find out what you might have to pay for one of these dolls.
Dolls can mean more to one person than another so the prices very when selling a doll. You can go to an auction like ebay and they have dolls listed there for sale. You might get a good idea of what one might sell for to the ordinary person. Collectors on the other hand may pay more for certain dolls they treasure. They are looking for a certain style, artist, manufacture, year or a number of other catagories they choose to collect. If you on the other hand are starting a collection with your daughter you might want to start with something a little more moderate. Some of the dolls in the Blue Book can get very pricey.
Doll collecting is wonderful because there are so many catagories to choose from and you don't have to be a millionaire. There are exceptions to every rule, like there are Barbie dolls that you can buy for almost nothing. Then again there are Barbie dolls that have become very pricey. So if you are looking to start a collection just pick something you are interested in and start looking around for the bargins. Let me tell you some of the types out there. Here is a list of some catagories you might want to look into. Artist dolls by name, artist dolls by maker and artist dolls by collection, I think that will get you started looking. Good hunting.
Have a good day Bob

Type Of Collectors, How About Children

If you are a collector or if you have just come accross some nice dolls this should interest you. Collectors look for dolls that fulfill a certain catagory of collection, year of doll, type of doll, artist, manufacture or a host of other reasons why they started collecting.
I personally collect for a number of reasons. There are so many different types of dolls to choose from if you want to start a collection. Start by picking a reason for collecting, I believe if you have a child it is a wonderful way to start teaching responsibility. They will love doing it and as time goes on it will accumulate wealth.
To start off, buy a reasonably priced doll and see if your child is interested. If they are, you can have them go to some great doll sites on the internet. You can set down with them and pick out dolls to add to their collection as time goes on.
Some people will elect to go with antiques dolls, others by artist and if you are thinking of a child I think I would go for beautiful dolls. I think a child could relate to beautiful over antique. The artist doll catagory might be a place to start and it seems to be growing in popularity. Have a great day Bob

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dolls, Doll Clothes and Doll Pictures

I want to start with a doll I have in my collection that is a wonderful doll. It is a Princess Diana Bride Doll Commemorative Edition By the Danbury Mint. This doll is a commemorative edition of Diana's Wedding. She is packaged in her original box and packaging. This doll was added to this collection in the 1990's.
She is in excellent condition except for a small hole in her veil.
I am interested in extending my collection and I have about 40 collector dolls at this time. I want to start a website about the value of Artist Dolls. There are some beautiful and wonderful dolls out there that others like myself are interested in finding the true value. The artist have done a supberd job on most of the dolls I have seen. We all love our dolls and have a hard time parting with them when the time comes and the price is right.
If your are interested in helping find out the value, type or style of certain dolls that others find difficult in finding and placing a value on.
This is an original Princess Diana doll that was issued by the Danbury Mint. She stands 20 inches tall – including the stand. The head, arms and legs are crafted of fine imported bisque porcelain. Her complexion is hand-painted. Her gown is hand-tailored. Her tiara and earrings each contain a real ½ point diamond. She has been displayed in an enclosed curio cabinet in a smoke-free home. Comes in original box. She is in excellent condition and her hands, feet and base are still in their original bubble wrap. This doll is from a collection started in 1990's and latest addition to it was in 2006. If you are looking for other Bisque dolls see other pages in my collection or go visit my friends at the beginning of this blog above.
You can join in this Blog and visit my site as soon as I get it put together. My site is and I started it with the idea of helping other people get started working on the internet from home. It takes some work to figure out what works on the internet.
I am just enjoying listing my dolls and helping others find the value of there prize dolls.